Mui Leng Goh

Mui Leng completed her psychotherapy training at the Hakomi Institute in 2018 and is a Mindful Somatic Hakomi Practitioner, Trauma-trained Therapist, Ecotherapist (Hakomi outdoors in naure with Papatuanuku as co-therapist), Astrologer and Reiki practitioner.

She is passionate about supporting you to live an embodies, meaningful and whole-hearted life.

Mui Leng moved from Malaysia to Aotearoa New Zealand at a young age due to a hostage-taking event close to her.

This deeply affected her sense of safety, belonging and grounding within her body and ability to be present.

When the trauma she had been running from for much of her life surfaced, she lost her sense of self and entered a lengthy dark night of the soul.

This influenced her to receive Hakomi Psychotherapy to learn how to begin and cultivate this ongoing journey of being in  , be present and in true connection and intimacy with herself, others, life and our Earth.

Her approach is warm, honest, direct and gentle.  She enjoys working collaboratively together and to assist you with self-study in a ‘power with’ rather than a ‘power over’ dynamic.

In such a busy and driven world, this spaciousness and ‘being with’ approach, paradoxicallly creates the conditions for profound and organic change to unfold.

Mui Leng is deeply inspired by the gentle, powerful and transformational effects of Hakomi.

With a music, design, and art background, she enjoys creatively and intuitively weaving Hakomi together with other modalities.  She enjoys supporting the unfolding of who we authentically are and to dance with the present moment in freedom, empowerment and joy.

Mui Leng is available at Whangarei Wellbeing on Tuesdays.