the hands on way to enjoy better health

Massage is a wonderful way to repair, relieve and relax tissues.  It also improves quality of life and general well-being, by assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself and balance body functions.

During your initial consultation, your massage therapist will learn about you and your body, what you need and like to combine a range of techniques to cater specifically for your individual needs.

Pressure can range from light relaxation to forearm work depending on what you like and how your muscles respond.

Enjoying better health

Massage has so many health benfits you will enjoy, including:

  • alleviate soft muscle strains and injuries
  • improved circulation so your body has better access to vital oxygen and nutrients 
  •  reducing stress and anxiety helps you regain a calm and happy state of mind. 
  • regular massage treatment can improve your sleeping patterns.  
  • relief from digestive problems
  • soothing away headaches 

Massage sessions include a pre consultation.

A combination of the following techniques can be used to provide a personalised holistic experience addressing each client’s to individual requirements. 

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage techniques are applied when the aim of treatment is to mentally and physically unwind, recover and cope through times of stress. Or, when one simply wants to feel good about themselves, naturally.

Relaxation massage sessions can still aim to alleviate muscular tension in areas of your concern. By using long and slow strokes we work to lengthen muscle fibres and promote an increase in blood circulation, which assists with the removal of microbial waste products built up in your tissues – often stored in adhesions, or “knots”.

By applying a comfortable level of pressure expressed by you, the massage session will bring a shift from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic – from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”.
It is not uncommon to fall asleep.

Deep Tissue Massage

Now we are sinking deeper into the layers of muscle, tendons and fascia. Pain is not the aim of the game, in fact, pain is detrimental to the effects of massage and we will always seek to stay a few steps beneath that threshold, through communication with you before and during the session.

You can expect trigger point compressions – held long enough to gain a release with your breathe – and the use of forearms and elbows. Deep Tissue massage is not forceful – massage strokes will move through your muscle fibres like water melting through ice, intuitive of your comfort and your muscle responses.

Deep Tissue is effective in releasing chronic muscle tension, increasing range of motion and decreasing pain.

Myofascial Release

Fascia provides the structural architecture for our bodies. It is connective tissue and it wraps around your muscles, bones, organs, veins and nerves in multi-layered sheets which stretch from your head to your toes.

It connects our muscles together and gives our bodies the dynamic ability to function as a whole, as an interconnected system.

MFR is a wonderful massage technique for relieving pain and tension in areas where the specific source is hard to find. Because of Fascia’s continuous nature throughout the body, your area of pain or tension may be caused by a restriction further away, along the fascial planes, and MFR will help to address this.

No oil is used, and strokes are slow. This is so the massage therapists hands may engage the fascia and maintain a sustained pressure until a release and stretch is felt. MFR also has a profound effect on the nervous system and is a great option for those who have high stress, who suffer from fibromyalgia, or who need a gentler approach for their chronic pain.