the hands on way to enjoy better health

Massage is a wonderful way to repair, relieve and relax tissues.  It also improves quality of life and general well-being, by assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself and balance body functions.

During your initial consultation, your massage therapist will learn about you and your body, what you need and like to combine a range of techniques to cater specifically for your individual needs.

Pressure can range from light relaxation to forearm work depending on what you like and how your muscles respond.

Enjoying better health

Massage has so many health benfits you will enjoy, including:

  • alleviate soft muscle strains and injuries
  • improved circulation so your body has better access to vital oxygen and nutrients 
  •  reducing stress and anxiety helps you regain a calm and happy state of mind. 
  • regular massage treatment can improve your sleeping patterns.  
  • relief from digestive problems
  • soothing away headaches