Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

a gentle approach with profound results

realise your inner health

Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on treatment. It involves very light touch from the skilled therapist to help support your body to repair itself.
The idea behind the therapy is that we all have a very powerful, deep capacity for self-repair.  Our bodies are always working to try and maintain balance, keep us comfortable and remain healthy. Our cells and body systems are doing this 24/7 and we mostly don’t even notice.
Sometimes though, when life events overwhelm us (and they can be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual stresses), our maintenance systems become overwhelmed and we fall out of balance and experience symptoms.
The therapist cares about your symptoms but the focus of the treatment is on your health, on your ability to repair yourself. So the session is all about supporting that.

During a session you will lie down on a treatment table (you only need to remove your shoes). It is important that you are comfortable. By sitting quietly, with informed focus and a light touch, the therapist will put their hands on you gently. They are paying attention to the health of the tissues and fluids throughout your body.
Restrictions, blockages, pain and symptoms respond to the work and it is common for many clients to feel things shift, or at least, to start to feel very relaxed.  Craniosacral therapy helps to bring back balance and restore healthy function.
Most people initially use CST when they have a particular health issue they wish to work with. Maybe headaches, back or joint pain. Gut issues, sinus problems or stress related symptoms are all common. Once they feel better again, many clients ask if they can continue to come for maintenance sessions. They notice they feel healthier, think more creatively and generally enjoy life more when they support their health.
Because it is so gentle and non-invasive it is recommended for pregnant women, babies, the elderly and all ages in between.