Hakomi Psychotherapy

Hakomi therapy was founded by Ron Kurtz (1934 -2011).

  He chose the name Hakomi -a Hopi word meaning “how do you stand in relation to these many realms” or “Who are you?”

The 5 Principles of Hakomi are Mindfulness, Mind-Body Holism, Organicity Non-violence and Unity.


Mindfulness is the foundation of Hakomi, where we explore the awareness of your present moment experience, from the sensations of our body, thoughts, emotions, memories to the impulses you may feel.

The second component of mindfulness is the awareness of your attitude to what is arising.  Are you feeling curious, judgment, grief, anger, rage, guilt, joy of perhaps laughter toward what you are experiencing?

Mind-Body Holism

Our mind-body connection defines our whole being, health and wellbeing.  The Hakomi method gently, powerfully and directly encourages the integration of mind and body where there is disconnect or imbalance of the mind-body connection.


Trusting the flow and honouring your process is an important aspect of Hakomi practice.  I have an inherent trust in your organic self and your own innate healing ability and wisdom.  My role is to support this unfolding.


Our Hakomi session is infused with loving presence and is based on non-violence – we go with the grain rather than against it.

Non-judgment, asking permission and respect for your wants, needs and boundaries supports creating an ongoing safe container.


Hakomi embraces the wholeness of our human experience.  We all affect each other as parts of the whole, and in a larger sense, are all interconnected.  We are composed of many parts – I facilitate communication and mediation among these parts.

“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi.

Working together

Mui Leng offers an initial series of 3 sessions to feel out if this is the right client-therapist fit. Within these initial sessions, she’ll ask if you’d like to share some biographical questions (optional) to begin that offers an opportunity for you to explore and clarify your needs and intentions.

Her approach is warm, honest, direct, and gentle.

She enjoys working collaboratively together.  She assists you with self-study in a ‘power with’, rather than a ‘power over’ dynamic. Curiosity is applied as an opening towards whatever you may be experiencing without judgement. Oh, so you’re feeling rage? Guilt? Joy? Or another strong feeling?

With her support, you can gently turn towards this feeling and notice what happens when, together, you hang out with this for a few moments.

In such a busy and driven world, this spaciousness and ‘being with’ approach, paradoxically creates the conditions for profound and organic change to unfold.

Working with trauma

With Mui Leng, you’ll take the time to build resource in a safe, life giving mind-body state before approaching any trauma stored in your body, emotions and mind with ‘bite sizing’ or ‘dipping your toe’ into any painful experiences. She will support you to return to a resourced and embodied state when and where needed.

Trauma happens when we have moved beyond our window of tolerance to safely process an experience or event. 

Mui Leng’s safe and steady approach prevents overwhelm and re-traumatisation, where she’ll be tracking your body language and responses to support you to stay within your window of tolerance.

This enables you to process trauma in your own personal rhythm and pace that wasn’t previously available to you and to access your own innate healing ability.

Please feel free to contact Mui Leng for any questions. 

Mui Leng offers an initial free 20 minute connection call to explore your needs & intentions.