skills and strategies to empower

More than just a talking and listening therapy, counselling is suitable for children and adults.

It aims to bring about a greater sense of your own abilities and strengths to change patterns in your life that hamper your wellbeing and sense of balance.

Being empowered with skills and strategies that reduce emotional states will encourage a more enjoyable and contented life.

An investment in your wellbeing can make phenomenal lasting changes.

Sessions last about 50mins where you can explore your inner world and life events, confidentially with a professional.

Issues covered may include:

  • Understanding yourself and how you ‘tick’

  • Stress management

  • Anxiety management

  • Trauma management

  • Resolving grief and loss

  • The impact of thoughts, beliefs, values and behaviours

  • Self-soothing strategies to feel more grounded and balanced

  • Increasing your self-esteem. (We all need to love ourselves more!)

  • Gaining confidence to know what your needs are and how to say NO

  • Developing healthy relationship boundaries

  • Formulating goals that are achievable and sustainable

  • Discovering your life direction and taking new steps

  • Linking to your innate wisdom (higher self) through intuition